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Q: Where are you located?

In good ole sunny California. Los Angeles to be exact.

Q: Who designs the artwork on your pedals?

The majority of our artwork is done by Keaton S. Ziem.

If you’re interested in contacting him, shoot him an email:

Artwork for the Super Fuzz is by Spenser Jordan Palmer (

Q: Are all the pedals made by hand? 

Yep! One by one, built and tested. Making sure they’re of the highest quality!

Q: I’m in “Insert Band Name”, can you hook us up?


Q: I’m having a problem with my pedal, do you repair them?

Absolutely! All R3D electronics pedals come with a lifetime guarantee.

However, this doesn’t apply to graphics, knobs, enclosure

or if modded/repaired by anyone other than us.

Q: Can you build me a custom pedal?

Definitely an option, it all depends on our workload.

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